Selected challenges facing organic production in Europe - Plant InterCluster webinar

26/03/2021 12:30

“How to get to the 25% organic plant production
while increasing sustainability and improving circularity?”

That's one of the main challenges raised by the Farm2Fork european strategy. This issue can be raised and addressed in different ways, according to the crops used (open fields or indoor), the territory and its local or national policies.

During this session of 1 hour, the Plant Inter-Cluster (Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation is one of the members) gives the floor to 3 speakers from 3 European countries - The Netherlands, Italy and Spain - to explain their challenges, their work and their vision toward organic production.

  • From The Netherlands: Peter Jens, Director Strategic Alliances, (CEO AND BioPharma BV)
    Hydroponic and Organic in protected cropping

  • From Italy: Jacopo Orlando an Agricultural Economist (Ph.D.), Manager at Aboca Group and member of the board of directors at  FederBio Servizi Sr
    Organic production in Emilia Romagna

  • From Spain: Jan Van der Blom from Coexphal, (fruit and vegetables exporters association of south of Spain, mainly Almería, productive system based in greenhouse)
    Example of Spanish cooperative

Get registered and participate, sharing questions and point of view! Remember that the PIC network has a local representative in 9 European countries, so even after the webinar you can contact the speakers and continue the discussion.



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