AgTech : innovative solutions for a green transition, a sustainable and digital agriculture

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The definition of Ag Tech is often limited to digital start-ups; however, the latter are available in all new technologies related to agriculture or more generally to the Agrifood sector (digital, biotechnology, big data, etc ...).

What they have in common is their capacity for innovation in terms of products and services resulting from R&D projects, financed by national, European and even international calls.

This webinar will allow you to better understand the specificity of these AgTech companies with a Tour of Europe carried out by Business France.

We will then illustrate by the testimony of 3 French, Polish and Spanish AgTech, their contribution in terms of innovation to meet the expectations of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture.

It will be also an opportunity to underline the main sources of funding for these innovations in the Agrifood sector with a focus on the Green Deal and the national post-Covid 19 recovery programs supported by the European Next Generation plan.

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  • Welcome by Isabelle Guichard, Head of European Affairs in Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation

  • Definition of AgTech with a “Tour of Europe” versus Agri4.0, Laure Elsaesser Business France

  • Green Deal and Covid 19 as accelerator for innovative tools for a greener transition and precision farming, Katarzyna Kowalska Unimos

  • Pitches of Agtech involved in precision farming

    • MyEasyFarm, François Thiérart, France

    • Maxcrop Poland

  • National program recovery to boost AgTech in digital and sustainable agriculture, Isabelle Guichard for France, Katarzyna Kowalska for Poland, Enric Pedrós for Spain.

  • Discussion and exchange on potential partnership

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This webinar is organized by Agri Sud Ouest Innovation from France, Unimos Alliance Poland and Femac Spain, members of Plant Inter Cluster – a European partnership between twelve innovative plant production clusters from eight countries representing companies and research institutions within plant innovation.

The webinar is for members of clusters in the Plant Inter Cluster partnership:  

  • FEMAC: The Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Production Means (Spain)

  • CTA Agrifood: Technological Corporation of Andalusia (Spain)

  • Greenport West-Holland (The Netherlands)

  • Innov’Alliance: Food, Wellness and Natural Produce (France)

  • IND-AGRO-POL (Romania)

  • Vegepolys Valley (France)

  • Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation ASOI (France)

  • Agrocluster do Ribatejo (Portugal)

  • Agrifood Clust-ER (Italy)

  • Food & Bio Cluster Denmark (Denmark)

  • UNIMOS/AgroBioCluster (Poland)

  • Biovegen -Spanish Technology Platform for Plant Biotechnology (Spain)

Date et heure
14 octobre 2021
10:00 11:15 Europe/Paris
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